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Entertainments   Showan Entertainments brings together a diverse range of engineering experience and skill to offer a range of truly unique and bespoke entertainment products for sale worldwide.

All products are designed and manufactured in house at our custom facility in Kent, and whilst well equipped for mass production, Showan are equally experienced in customised, modified or personalised variations to standard products.

We pride ourselves on a constant programme of Research and Development, and have specialist experience in many high-technology areas including electronic control systems, PC integration as well as more routine areas such as general engineering, CAD, fabrication and much more besides.
With both a fully equipped machine shop and electronics facility on site, Showan is well placed to deliver a complete service to customers in house. This diverse, yet amalgamated skill set and experience gives us at a notable advantage at all stages of a project, be it design, build, or maintenance.
Showan’s range of Entertainment products is available to both the home and professional user and includes the acclaimed Realli-Ski range of ski and snowboard simulators, which were designed and developed by Showan engineers.  
The Realli-Ski simulator is the result of a 10 year R&D commitment by Showan’s which has seen this product evolve from a conceptual prototype into a range of simulators suitable for everything from home use to exhibition and event hire. The compact VR Xtreme personal ski and snowboard simulator has now been used by over 10,000 satisfied customers at the UK Realli-Ski centre facilities.

In addition to the ski simulators, Showan has developed a range of complimentary simulators either by specialist commission or to compliment the companies portfolio of products, one example being a climbing simulator designed to facilitate solo training opportunities for climbing enthusiasts. Showan’s staff continue to focus on future innovations in relevant technology and apply their unique, practical expertise to create optimum solutions through their highly esteemed yet competitively priced consultancy service. .
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